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Easy Nightstand Makeover

I can’t believe the summer is officially over it  flew by!   I have been busy, busy, busy designing fabrics, the kids back to school and starting a new part time job (craft supplies are expensive). In all this hustle and bustle I have been working on my house trying to finish the million things on my home improvement list. I have a loads of projects that I have started but never finished, you might recall the Painted Trunk project, I did it awhile back. Ever since that project I have wanted to finish my stepdaughters room.  I wanted to redo the bland, old ugly nightstand (that I found in our basement when we moved in) but I have had little time or money to do and so I had to get creative with it. So the Easy Night Table Makeover was born.

diy nightstand


1 ugly nightstand

Paint/primer any color you like (you will need primer if it isn’t a combo paint or this is a great chalk paint project)

Paint Brushes

Peel and Stick Wallpaper swatch from I used my design Ikat grey and white.

Measuring tape



The nightstand before:


Bluh yuck ugly boring!

Step one: Paint


I used some  paint/primer combo in pure white that we had leftover from painting around the house. Whooo for the paint stash! I painted the entire table except for the top and inside back.  I liked the top  and it has a thick glossy finish that is nightmare to sand so I decided to leave it alone and I am using some wallpaper to cover inside back. This part takes the longest because you have to wait for it to dry between coats…. so go get a snack, watch your shows and come back to it later.

Once you are satisfied with the coverage (mine has 2 coats) you can move on to finishing the inside.

Step Two: Measure and Cut

Measure your inside dimensions


After you measure the inside of the nightstand layout your wallpaper print side down and with your ruler draw off the size square and cut.

cut wallpaper

Then apply it to the back according to the instructions included with the wallpaper.


ALL DONE! Now just accessorize and enjoy!

Easy Nightstand Makeover

Until next time my lovelies!

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A few weeks ago I received some GREAT news one of my designs made it into the September 2015 issue of Real Simple Magazine!


At first I didn’t believe the email from Spoonflower but there it is my Navy Ikat ….right there in the middle of the page!!!! It really made my day that they picked my design as an example of the designs available on

That’s Fat Bird’s Ikat in Navy right there in the very center of the page of Real Simple Magazine! IMAGE VIA SPOONFLOWER.COM


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What is Surface Pattern Design?

You may have noticed a change to the style and theme of my blog as of late and thought what are all these crazy new designs on pillows, rugs, and smartphone cases? I have been asked “are you making smartphone cases” and  “are you putting other peoples artwork on things.” Well no to both of those. So why all the changes? Well painting on fabric for several years lead me to the world of  surface pattern design and I am hooked.

So what is surface pattern design? The simplest answer is artwork that is designed to be used in and on various applications on various surfaces. Look at the world around you the wallpaper on the wall, the curtains on your windows, your super cute phone case all of the art on these were created by an artist and are surface patterns. One of the biggest and my personal favorite application is fabric. Designs on fabric are called repeats because well they repeat over and over across yards of fabric. My mom sews so I have been going to the fabric store for as long as I can remember and most of the time we went without a project in mind. As a result I now I have a large fabric stash in my basement of fabrics I bought because I loved the design. It never dawned on me growing up that I could create these fabrics I loved so much. But ever since discovering that surface pattern design was a thing I have been obsessed with learning all I can  about it.

My latest creations in this design journey are for my spring collection called Arrows and Daisies on Spoonflower.  Whimsical small scale florals and bold geometric patterns meet in bright spring colors to make up this happy new collection. It includes mini floral design that is perfect for piping, quilt binding, little girl’s dresses or any projects that needs a small scale design.

Arrows & Daisies Collection

Arrows & Daisies Fat Bird

Arrows and Daisies Fat Bird Designs

Arrows and Daisies Fat Bird Designs

Arrows and Daisies Fat Bird Designs

 I hope you enjoy my latest designs! Have you ever bought something just because you loved the design or packaging? I would to hear about it please share below....

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Over the past few weeks I have been hard at work learning to use some new technology and software to design products for all kinds of surfaces. It’s been challenging but very rewarding. One big bonus is there are new Fat Bird designs available. My latest designs are now available at Society6! All of my designs are available to be purchased on various products everything from phone or tablet cases to shower curtains and rugs.

Don’t Blend In – Smartphone Case/Skin and Rug

Feelin Foxy -Mug and Throw Pillow

Bloom- Framed Print and Laptop skin

Luna Moth- Framed Print

I am also super excited to announce that over on Spoonflower my Navy Ikat fabric is trending on the Hot Sellers list today!


 Woo hoo! Thank you to everyone out there that has liked and purchased my designs ❤ you all!


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So I’ve been away from here for quite awhile and I  am sure you are wondering where I’ve gone. Well I haven’t gone anywhere I just been off living. I took a break from social media and the endless posting of everything I do, think, or eat. I have been just enjoying the moments of my life instead of spending the entire time worrying about getting the perfect pictures & uploading it to every possible social media  platform out there. It has been nice just to be in the moment. Don’t get me wrong, I still like to share some my life with the inter-webs but in moderation. Social Media over the last year had actually become a  bit of a burden in my life. Always having to share something puts a lot of pressure on everyday moments that would otherwise be enjoyable and stress free. So one day I just stopped sharing and got back to living. Take Christmas for example we had a wonderful week filled with laughter, loved ones & joy and I don’t have one picture to show for it. I had intended on taking pictures of it all but I was so caught up in enjoying it I completely forgot. Oh well I guess silly old memories will just have to do.
I am not sure how much I will share here over the next year but I do know that I will live every minute of 2015 and not just document it.
Happy New Year to you & yours!

Designs For the Home


FALL FABRICI took a little break from blogging over the summer and it lasted a tad longer then I had intended, my bad. But I haven’t been sitting on my hands while I have been away. I just finished a new fabric line over at for the fall.  This mini collection is a set of vibrant & colorful designs inspired by all things fall. I am particularly excited about my Falling Leaves design this whimsical pattern is perfect for a fall pillow, quilt or craft project. I actually put this design together a while back but I wanted to tweak it a bit more before I declared it officially complete. Well I couldn’t be happier with the results, it’s exactly what I had in mind. I love it when a project really comes together.

FALL FABRIC 4The collection includes two coordinating diamond ikat designs in teal and gray.

The picture below is the best representation of the actual color of the fabrics.  I am camera-less at the moment so I am using my phone camera 😦


I am thinking the ikats will to make the perfect pillows for my couch.

FALL FABRIC 3He, he, he… I couldn’t wait to actually sew the pillows to see if I liked them, so I  just faked it by wrapping the fabric around pillows.

Guess what? I didn’t like them….I LOVED them!

If you love these fall-tastic designs as much as I do then  head over to my Spoonflower shop to see all the fabric options available

What projects would you make with this fabric collection?



Spring is here and it is the most beautiful spring in years…. cool weather, green everywhere and everything is in bloom.

I should be just exploding with new ideas to share right? NOPE! 😦  I’ve been trying to figure out what to share lately and to be honest I haven’t had any ideas worth sharing. I’ve been blah lately, not unhappy, not depressed,  just blah. I’m in a rut my creative juices are brown and murky (eeewwww brown juices, sorry for nasty poo  imagery but it’s accurate). So what have been doing, I have been organizing my world because I can’t organize my thoughts if my house/life is a mess.

Spring Cleaning Life-Fat Bird DesignsThis bunny has nothing to do with my post be he and many of his friends were eating the clover in my front yard the other night they were so cute I just had to share.

Do you feel scattered if things around you are messing or is that just me?  My house and life are getting a deep spring cleaning. I’ve organized everything down to our finances.

That’s right I’ve been in such a funk lately that I am actually enjoying math… See told you something is wrong with me!!!

So how am I organizing our finances, well in 2 words…. DAVE RAMSEY. We (the husband and I) did his Financial Peace University a few years ago but only half way committed to it. With all the moving around the husband and I have done over the last few years we’ve developed into some really bad habits.  But now we are ALL in and will get out of debt…. we have a plan. I’ve created monthly budget and I’m cutting everywhere we can I mean everywhere…  I’m still trying to cancel the cable but the husband won’t have that, yet.  It’s actually freeing to know what is happening with our money and not just dreading reading the bank statements.  I highly recommend Dave Ramsey’s classes they are very enlightening on what you can do with the money you have already.

We really committed to it when we stopped just saying “We just need more money” and start to digging into our spending habits. We quickly realize we actually have more money then we thought. We are spending way too much on things we’ve already used up and forgotten about. We don’t have a ton of credit card debt but we  have more than we  like to have which is none.  We are always saying if we just had an extra $400 a month life be fine. Well guess what we  DO have an extra $400 a month but we are spending our extra money on things we’ve already eaten or used up a long time ago …oh and we are paying double for them. When you layout over the year what you’re paying on purchases where you don’t even remember what you bought, i.e. dinners out or impulse buys, you feel really stupid for ever using a credit card. So we are going debt free if we want it we have to have the money for it in hand. There will be no extra spending until all the debt is gone!

Following a  plan will be easy for me, I like the challenge of it, oh and it tickles my inner Dutchy. (If you are from a Dutch family you understand this inner joy of stretching every penny, it’s in the blood.) My husband however is going to have a hard time with it, I love him but he is not patient.  So far he’s doing GREAT I hope I can keep him motivated through it.

So we started this whole plan on May 1 I will keep you posted on how it’s going. I might also share some of the tools I’m using to keep on top of our money. No not strike that  might share… I WILL share those with you…. this is the first good idea I’ve had in days I feel the murk clearing already.

Thanks for reading my babbling!

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 I’ve been away from here for a few weeks  make that months.  Where have I been? you ask.


I know your shocked. Unfortunately when I am busy I tend to neglect my digital life. Not because I don’t love you guys (which I do)♥ but because I’m artsy and have trouble focusing sometimes well in all honesty all the time.

So much has happened while I have been away in wonderland I am dying to share with you.

First off an update from my new years post Hello Goodbye  about my then new shoppe on Scoutmob, well I have to say love working with the Scoutmob Shoppe 
Shoppe Logo

It’s has great people and is a cool shoppe full of handmade goodness!  But my BIG, BIG, BIG news is…

drum roll please……..I am super excited to announce…

that you can now find Fat Bird Designs’ in Chicago, IL at

Paperish Mess Art Gallery

Paperish Mess Logoand wait……I’m not done yet … in Los Olivos, CA at Inez Botica that is set to open some time this spring!

That’s right these are the first 2 brick and mortar stores to carry Fat Bird!

I know crazy right…..I am over the moon!  Thanks for letting me share this with you.

I’m so happy to be back here with all of you, my lovelies, I promise to try to be a better blogger and not let my mind….

oh what a pretty bird outside, I should take a picture of that…sorry not let my mind wonder so much!

Need Handmade goodness go here:

Paperish Mess Logo

 Shoppe Logo

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A few shoots from the snow here in Georgia. The park was beautiful all covered in white, one of the great things about living on a state park  is you know where all the beautiful spots are hidden.

snow day-003

My favorite picture of the day!

snow day-013

snow day-014

snow day

snow day-001

snow day-002

snow day-004

snow day-005

snow day-006

Husband was super happy to finally have some winter weather it’s been years since his seen snow!

snow day-007

snow day-008My garden wall all snowy.

snow day-009

snow day-010

My backyard!snow day-011

This little fat bird was enjoying a wonderful winter day.

snow day-012

1013796_10153786557570440_223284635_nMe and the hubs playing in the snow!

♥ Sometimes you just need to be a kid and play in the snow, we had the best time running around in the snow today ♥ 


Keep warm out there!


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I LOVE Valentine’s Day

No not because it’s all about LOOOOOVE but because it’s the ultimate girly day. Hearts, flowers, candles, candy, and wearing all your pretties to dinner… come on it should be called Girly Day.

Back when I worked in daycare Valentine’s Day projects were my favorite.  My class always made tons of things with glitter. Not much has changed I still love making and sending  Valentines, but now I just make grown up Valentines instead of kiddy ones.


I created this project by accident, one day I needed to change the wax in my wax warmer and the only thing I could find to hold the hot wax was a heart shaped ice mold.


Wax Warmer Hearts


Have you discovered wax warmers yet?

You melt my heart diy

I LOVE these things they are a candle + nightlight + plug-in.

Anyway… back to business for this project you will need:

Wax Warmer

Your Favorite Scented Wax Cubes or old candles

Heart Shaped Ice or Soap Mold

Glitter *optional*

Small Empty Jar

Printable – click here

Twine – Bakers or Jute

Spray Paint- any color you like

You melt my heart diy

Step 1:  Melt wax cube  in your wax warmer

I used my wax warmer to heat the wax because that way there is no wax to clean out of a pot!

*Bonus your house will smell amazing while you make this project*

You melt my heart diy

Step 2:

 Pour melted wax into mold and dry until hard.

 Repeat as many times as needed.

*If you want sparkly hearts sprinkle your glitter into mold BEFORE adding the wax.

You will only need a small amount of glitter in each heart and I recommend extra fine glitter it gives the sparkle without the chunks.

You melt my heart diy

Safety Tip:  The wax and  holder maybe be HOT use oven mitts and DO NOT spill wax on bare skin! 

I filled my mold so I had both thick and thin hearts but it’s up to you how thick you make them.

If you want to change them just melt them down again and re-pour.

You melt my heart diy

Step 3:

 Pop out dried hearts and fill the small jar with your hearts.

DIY wax warmer hearts

Step 4:

Spray Paint Jar Lid and glue the FREE Printable

(after you cut it out)  to the top.

Outside:”You melt my heart”  Inside: “love”

DIY Valentine - Fat Bird Designs

DIY Valentine Fat Bird Designs

DIY Valentine Fat Bird Designs-001


If you would like to add the charm wax heart use a wooden skewer, cut into short pieces, to make a hole in the top of the heart.  Do this as part of step 2 while the wax is still warm in the mold and allow the wax to cool completely before you remove the skewer. Thick hearts work best for charms thin hearts break.

For individual Valentine Wax Heart Charms tie the twine through the hole and glue the ends of the twine between the “You Melt” and the “Love” printable hearts.

diy valentine by fat bird designs

This is great project if you have old burnt out candles that still have wax left in the holder. Just chuck the wax out and use it instead of the wax cubes.

Perfect gift for Teachers, coworkers, friends or yourself!

Have Happy Crafty Valentines!! ~M