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What is Surface Pattern Design?

You may have noticed a change to the style and theme of my blog as of late and thought what are all these crazy new designs on pillows, rugs, and smartphone cases? I have been asked “are you making smartphone cases” and  “are you putting other peoples artwork on things.” Well no to both of those. So why all the changes? Well painting on fabric for several years lead me to the world of  surface pattern design and I am hooked.

So what is surface pattern design? The simplest answer is artwork that is designed to be used in and on various applications on various surfaces. Look at the world around you the wallpaper on the wall, the curtains on your windows, your super cute phone case all of the art on these were created by an artist and are surface patterns. One of the biggest and my personal favorite application is fabric. Designs on fabric are called repeats because well they repeat over and over across yards of fabric. My mom sews so I have been going to the fabric store for as long as I can remember and most of the time we went without a project in mind. As a result I now I have a large fabric stash in my basement of fabrics I bought because I loved the design. It never dawned on me growing up that I could create these fabrics I loved so much. But ever since discovering that surface pattern design was a thing I have been obsessed with learning all I can  about it.

My latest creations in this design journey are for my spring collection called Arrows and Daisies on Spoonflower.  Whimsical small scale florals and bold geometric patterns meet in bright spring colors to make up this happy new collection. It includes mini floral design that is perfect for piping, quilt binding, little girl’s dresses or any projects that needs a small scale design.

Arrows & Daisies Collection

Arrows & Daisies Fat Bird

Arrows and Daisies Fat Bird Designs

Arrows and Daisies Fat Bird Designs

Arrows and Daisies Fat Bird Designs

 I hope you enjoy my latest designs! Have you ever bought something just because you loved the design or packaging? I would to hear about it please share below....


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