Spring is here and it is the most beautiful spring in years…. cool weather, green everywhere and everything is in bloom.

I should be just exploding with new ideas to share right? NOPE! 😦  I’ve been trying to figure out what to share lately and to be honest I haven’t had any ideas worth sharing. I’ve been blah lately, not unhappy, not depressed,  just blah. I’m in a rut my creative juices are brown and murky (eeewwww brown juices, sorry for nasty poo  imagery but it’s accurate). So what have been doing, I have been organizing my world because I can’t organize my thoughts if my house/life is a mess.

Spring Cleaning Life-Fat Bird DesignsThis bunny has nothing to do with my post be he and many of his friends were eating the clover in my front yard the other night they were so cute I just had to share.

Do you feel scattered if things around you are messing or is that just me?  My house and life are getting a deep spring cleaning. I’ve organized everything down to our finances.

That’s right I’ve been in such a funk lately that I am actually enjoying math… See told you something is wrong with me!!!

So how am I organizing our finances, well in 2 words…. DAVE RAMSEY. We (the husband and I) did his Financial Peace University a few years ago but only half way committed to it. With all the moving around the husband and I have done over the last few years we’ve developed into some really bad habits.  But now we are ALL in and will get out of debt…. we have a plan. I’ve created monthly budget and I’m cutting everywhere we can I mean everywhere…  I’m still trying to cancel the cable but the husband won’t have that, yet.  It’s actually freeing to know what is happening with our money and not just dreading reading the bank statements.  I highly recommend Dave Ramsey’s classes they are very enlightening on what you can do with the money you have already.

We really committed to it when we stopped just saying “We just need more money” and start to digging into our spending habits. We quickly realize we actually have more money then we thought. We are spending way too much on things we’ve already used up and forgotten about. We don’t have a ton of credit card debt but we  have more than we  like to have which is none.  We are always saying if we just had an extra $400 a month life be fine. Well guess what we  DO have an extra $400 a month but we are spending our extra money on things we’ve already eaten or used up a long time ago …oh and we are paying double for them. When you layout over the year what you’re paying on purchases where you don’t even remember what you bought, i.e. dinners out or impulse buys, you feel really stupid for ever using a credit card. So we are going debt free if we want it we have to have the money for it in hand. There will be no extra spending until all the debt is gone!

Following a  plan will be easy for me, I like the challenge of it, oh and it tickles my inner Dutchy. (If you are from a Dutch family you understand this inner joy of stretching every penny, it’s in the blood.) My husband however is going to have a hard time with it, I love him but he is not patient.  So far he’s doing GREAT I hope I can keep him motivated through it.

So we started this whole plan on May 1 I will keep you posted on how it’s going. I might also share some of the tools I’m using to keep on top of our money. No not strike that  might share… I WILL share those with you…. this is the first good idea I’ve had in days I feel the murk clearing already.

Thanks for reading my babbling!



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