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 I’ve been away from here for a few weeks  make that months.  Where have I been? you ask.


I know your shocked. Unfortunately when I am busy I tend to neglect my digital life. Not because I don’t love you guys (which I do)♥ but because I’m artsy and have trouble focusing sometimes well in all honesty all the time.

So much has happened while I have been away in wonderland I am dying to share with you.

First off an update from my new years post Hello Goodbye  about my then new shoppe on Scoutmob, well I have to say love working with the Scoutmob Shoppe 
Shoppe Logo

It’s has great people and is a cool shoppe full of handmade goodness!  But my BIG, BIG, BIG news is…

drum roll please……..I am super excited to announce…

that you can now find Fat Bird Designs’ in Chicago, IL at

Paperish Mess Art Gallery

Paperish Mess Logoand wait……I’m not done yet … in Los Olivos, CA at Inez Botica that is set to open some time this spring!

That’s right these are the first 2 brick and mortar stores to carry Fat Bird!

I know crazy right…..I am over the moon!  Thanks for letting me share this with you.

I’m so happy to be back here with all of you, my lovelies, I promise to try to be a better blogger and not let my mind….

oh what a pretty bird outside, I should take a picture of that…sorry not let my mind wonder so much!

Need Handmade goodness go here:

Paperish Mess Logo

 Shoppe Logo


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