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A few shoots from the snow here in Georgia. The park was beautiful all covered in white, one of the great things about living on a state park  is you know where all the beautiful spots are hidden.

snow day-003

My favorite picture of the day!

snow day-013

snow day-014

snow day

snow day-001

snow day-002

snow day-004

snow day-005

snow day-006

Husband was super happy to finally have some winter weather it’s been years since his seen snow!

snow day-007

snow day-008My garden wall all snowy.

snow day-009

snow day-010

My backyard!snow day-011

This little fat bird was enjoying a wonderful winter day.

snow day-012

1013796_10153786557570440_223284635_nMe and the hubs playing in the snow!

♥ Sometimes you just need to be a kid and play in the snow, we had the best time running around in the snow today ♥ 


Keep warm out there!



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