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I LOVE Valentine’s Day

No not because it’s all about LOOOOOVE but because it’s the ultimate girly day. Hearts, flowers, candles, candy, and wearing all your pretties to dinner… come on it should be called Girly Day.

Back when I worked in daycare Valentine’s Day projects were my favorite.  My class always made tons of things with glitter. Not much has changed I still love making and sending  Valentines, but now I just make grown up Valentines instead of kiddy ones.


I created this project by accident, one day I needed to change the wax in my wax warmer and the only thing I could find to hold the hot wax was a heart shaped ice mold.


Wax Warmer Hearts


Have you discovered wax warmers yet?

You melt my heart diy

I LOVE these things they are a candle + nightlight + plug-in.

Anyway… back to business for this project you will need:

Wax Warmer

Your Favorite Scented Wax Cubes or old candles

Heart Shaped Ice or Soap Mold

Glitter *optional*

Small Empty Jar

Printable – click here

Twine – Bakers or Jute

Spray Paint- any color you like

You melt my heart diy

Step 1:  Melt wax cube  in your wax warmer

I used my wax warmer to heat the wax because that way there is no wax to clean out of a pot!

*Bonus your house will smell amazing while you make this project*

You melt my heart diy

Step 2:

 Pour melted wax into mold and dry until hard.

 Repeat as many times as needed.

*If you want sparkly hearts sprinkle your glitter into mold BEFORE adding the wax.

You will only need a small amount of glitter in each heart and I recommend extra fine glitter it gives the sparkle without the chunks.

You melt my heart diy

Safety Tip:  The wax and  holder maybe be HOT use oven mitts and DO NOT spill wax on bare skin! 

I filled my mold so I had both thick and thin hearts but it’s up to you how thick you make them.

If you want to change them just melt them down again and re-pour.

You melt my heart diy

Step 3:

 Pop out dried hearts and fill the small jar with your hearts.

DIY wax warmer hearts

Step 4:

Spray Paint Jar Lid and glue the FREE Printable

(after you cut it out)  to the top.

Outside:”You melt my heart”  Inside: “love”

DIY Valentine - Fat Bird Designs

DIY Valentine Fat Bird Designs

DIY Valentine Fat Bird Designs-001


If you would like to add the charm wax heart use a wooden skewer, cut into short pieces, to make a hole in the top of the heart.  Do this as part of step 2 while the wax is still warm in the mold and allow the wax to cool completely before you remove the skewer. Thick hearts work best for charms thin hearts break.

For individual Valentine Wax Heart Charms tie the twine through the hole and glue the ends of the twine between the “You Melt” and the “Love” printable hearts.

diy valentine by fat bird designs

This is great project if you have old burnt out candles that still have wax left in the holder. Just chuck the wax out and use it instead of the wax cubes.

Perfect gift for Teachers, coworkers, friends or yourself!

Have Happy Crafty Valentines!! ~M


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