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Goodbye 2013 and Hello 2014!

I have the Beatles stuck in my head today…

“You say yes, I say no
You say stop and I say go go go, oh no
You say goodbye and I say hello”

2013 was a strange year for my family, we had wonderful times and we had truly awful times. I shared some of these things with you all over the last year but others I kept to myself. One big thing I didn’t share here was the passing of my mother-in-law. In July she lost her battle with cancer at the age of 61. The whole sickness was quiet unexpected and her loss was devastating. Christmas was her favorite time of year and so the last month was extremely hard for my family.  We made the best of it with a lot of prayer and a few tears and are happy to see it pass and to welcome the dawning of this New Year.  Don’t get me wrong 2013 had some good times as well, we moved to a new city (yes an actual city woo hooo!) it has so much to offer it’s great. We now live in house that is big enough to house all of our needs, needs like a basement for the world headquarters of Fat Bird Designs! 2013 had a lot of great moments for both my husband career and for Fat Bird Designs. My husband is the new Director of an amazing State Park and he has an amazing staff. He comes home everyday and says “I LOVE MY JOB.” Which is a blessing in itself  because he spent a very long time unhappy with his career. 

One big success in 2013 for Fat Bird was being accepted into the Scoutmob’s Shoppe!

Today I am proud to announce is the grand opening Fat Bird Designs new Shoppe!

 Swing by and check it out my peeps over at Scoutmob are awesome! They have tons of great handmade goodies not that I am bias or anything 😉   

NEW YEAR Fat Bird Designs it has has grew leaps and bounds in 2013…. I can’t wait to see what 2014 holds for it. 

On another note however today is also sad because one of our dogs has gone missing. We have 3 dogs, the oldest of which is Sadie and she my husbands big puppy. She lives for you to love her, she is the sweetest dog ever. Sadie went missing last night and we haven’t seen her since, she has on a purple collar with tags. This is not the best start to 2014 but we are holding out hope that she just followed someone home and that they will call today for us to come get her.

Sadie when she packed herself because she didn’t want us to leave her home for Thanksgiving.

Please pray we find soon and if you are in our area and have seen her please let us know!


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