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Last Minute Christmas Ideas

As promised in Last Minute Christmas Ideas: Part 1 here are a few last minute decorating ideas!

Christmas DecorAdd a festive touch to any room with a handwritten Christmas greeting on a chalkboard.

Christmas DecorFor a personal touch add glitter initials  to your tree or a wreath or gifts.

Christmas tableUse natural elements like pine cones and grapevines as part of your decor. They are free and add some much needed texture and character to all the sparkle and glitter of Christmas Decorations.

Christmas DecorIf you need a last minute wreath use grapevine I found mine in the woods around my house. It twist naturally so making a circle is easy this one took me about 15 minutes to twist. Then I added some berries I had on hand and tadda you have a huge wreath for over the fireplace or on the front door.

Well there you go a few last minute ideas to with you Christmas Celebrations!

On another note something I have been meaning to share for awhile now…. Last month I participated in Craftaholics Anonymous‘ s handmade gift exchange and I just have to share this lovely gift I received from my secret elf! It came with a sweet card and a birthday gift (Thanksgiving was my Birthday).  Thank you to Peggy my sweet elf for this wonderful handmade gift. 

Christmas Ideas

Now I am off to plan my Christmas Eve dinner!



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