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Last Minute Christmas Ideas

 Christmas is less then a week away how did that happen?

As you have seen this Christmas has been super busy here at Fat Bird Designs and as result I didn’t have time to make the super cute Christmas goodies I had planned for my husbands office. Yes as most wives know when your husband is the boss things like goodies for the office fall into your lap,  most men don’t think of these kinda things.

I had great plans but did not have enough time to finish them so I will save those for next year and this go with plan B, something silly.

I found this ADORABLE idea on Pinterest for Grinch Pills.

Via Pinterest

Here is my version:

Last minute Christmas goodies idea


The original post used tic tacs for theirs but I used M&Ms because well I like them.

Last minute Christmas goodies I found these little containers at Dollar General for $1 for an eight count pack. I really wanted something more along the lines of this…

More pill bottle shape but I couldn’t find anything in my time frame. If I had found these I would have used double sided tape for my label and attached it to the bottle like prescription bottle. 

After filling my containers I printed out the cute little poem found here at Scrapcation Getaway. *Note because I was not using tictacs I repeated the poem on a single sheet of paper to save on paper and ink when printing.

Last Minute Christmas Goodies

Then I cute them out with my handy dandy paper cutter and punched holes for the ribbon.

Last Minute Christmas Goodies

 Next I tied the curly ribbon around the jars and added the poem. I tied mine around the top so because they will be put out on peoples desk and they will see the little tag first.

Last Minute Christmas Goodies

 These would make great Teachers Gifts, Goodies for a Christmas Party, or Stocking Stuffers.

Tomorrow I will share part 2 of Last Minute Christmas Ideas: Christmas Decor Ideas.

For now I am off to do some last minute Christmas Shopping!  Yikes I am so behind this year.

Until Tomorrow


*Please note Fat Bird Designs is not taking credit for the Grinch Pill Printable this printable was only used for this project.
 All rights this this printable belong to and can be found on Scrapcation Getaway



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