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The last few weeks have been absolutely insane but now things seem to be returning to normal. Thank Goodness! I am so sad I didn’t finish my 30 days of Thanks but I had so much going on I couldn’t do it all. One of the things that is had me running around like crazy is my new Scoutmob Shoppe! I am so excited it is set to open after January 3, 2014!  The team over at Scoutmob has been amazing . You really must check out their site, they have all kinds of handmade goodies and things to do locally (at a discount). I will keep you posted on my shoppe opening.

One of the many things I’ve been working on are the Christmas decorations for my house which means a whole new table centerpiece!

Christmas table Fat Bird Designs

For this one I needed a table runner for the base but I didn’t have the time to make one so I faked it. SHOCKING I know!

No Sew Table Runner.

Christmas Table

Using some left over fabric I measured how wide I wanted my runner to be on the table and added 1″ to each of the long sides.

I used the raw edge as my ends to give the runner frayed edges for the handmade feel.
Christmas Table

Then I folded under the long sides and ironed them down (I used a lot of steam to really get them to hold.) Bam Table runner!

A table runner isn’t going to move much so no real worry about the edges unfolding and I used  light weight cotton fabric which holds creases pretty well, I’ve actually moved this guy 3 times and it’s still holding.

Christmas Table

Then I added some tree cuts for texture and height . Then filled in with the trimmings from the bottom of my Christmas tree (if you ask the guy at the hardware store they will give them to you).

Christmas table

A few candles, pine cones, and…

Christmas Table

Christmas Table

my Birds of course 😉

Lastly I used a few left ornaments for color.

Christmas Table  Fat Bird Designs

I hope this gives you some inspiration for your Christmas table.

Happy Christmas Crafty to you!



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