30 days of THANKS, Designs For the Home



Since moving farther north, no worries I’m still in the south just in the part that has mountains and seasons, as I was saying since moving north I’ve fallen in love with all things fall.  It’s so wonderful to see the world just explore with such vibrant colors, natures one last hoorah before winter. The cool weather and falling leaves have inspired me to decorate every flat surface in my house with leaves, pine cones, acorns and pumpkins.

 So I give today’s project the Do-it-yourself Thanksgiving Centerpiece.

_MG_4387My husband and I built an awesome crate last year but it’s just been bouncing around my house for ages. I’ve never really found a good use for until now.

DIY THANKSGIVINGOver the weekend I turned it into a twinkling Thanksgiving centerpiece!

DIY THANKSGIVING3First I filled the bottom with brown plastic grocery bags from Publix. I used brown so they wouldn’t shown through the side slates. I also staggered small plastic cups upside down between the bags to give a hard surface to hold heavy objects like pumpkins.

DIYTHANKSGIVING5Next I added battery powered LED twinkle lights on top. *Remember to put the controls somewhere you can easily reach but still hide from sight, I tucked mine in a corner.

DIYTHANKSGIVING4After adding a layer of Spanish moss I pulled the lights upright through the moss, this way you don’t loose any twinkle to the bottom of the crate.

DIY THANKSGIVING TABLELastly I filled it will all the lovely fall goodies I could find!

DIY THANKSGIVING TABLE2Now it twinkles on my coffee table!

Which brings me to what I am Thankful for today.

30 days of THANKS:

Day 4: fall

fallNeed I say more!




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