LIFE: some days it has it’s own plan

Some days just don’t go as planned. Take today for example I had planned on a super awesome post about my house but that didn’t happen. Why you might ask?

Well last night the husband says in passing

“Oh Stanley Steamer is coming to clean the carpets tomorrow between 10 -1.”

My response, as I look around at my studio with loads of stuff on the floor “Good to know”.

So I plan to get up this morning clean the studio and get everything together for my post.

 8:30 am this morning roles around I assume I have some time before they get here 10-1 is a big time frame. I’m just getting my first cup of coffee and settling down to read some blogs while the husband gets ready for work when he says

“Oh the floor guys will be here early.”

Me “HOW early????”

The husband “Like an hour.”

Me, as I look myself in an over sized sweater with crazy morning hair “Good to know”.

At this point I have decide to shower or clean the room…Shower wins.

Off to the shower I go in hopes of taming the hair when of course mid shower and definitely not an hour later the husband says

“They’re here.”

Me, wet hair and not dressed


So since then I have been bashed to the couch in my kitchen because everything that was on the floor in my workroom is now on my desk.

Good bye plan!

Now my house is pulled apart and has these stickers all over the place.


Kinda fitting for today!

Well I am off to walk around my house in white paper booties so see you tomorrow.

 I leave you with this a lovely quote :

via Pinterest




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