Designs For the Home


DIY ROPE CANDLEHOLDEROver the last 2 years the husband and I have moved 3 times (no fun). With each move the new house always needs little odds and ends. You know just those little accessories to finish a room. Well moving is expensive and the odds and ends add up….so being my crafty self I’ve come up with ways to get the look I want with out spending the big bucks or any bucks at all for that matter. So the diy rope candle holder was born.

I needed a simple candle holder for my bathroom so I made these quick rope candle holders.

First I traced the bottom of my candle on to some card board (we have loads of this from all the moving boxes).


Next I cut out the circle and glued down one end of the rope.



I placed my candle on top and wrapped the rope around the candle gluing it in spots as I went.

ROPE CANDLE HOLDER4Note the kitchen aid in the background yep I’m crafting in my kitchen!

So here is the finished product in my super retro mint green and gold bathroom.

Rope candle holderI put it on a boring black metal candle hole that I already had laying around.  Super quick and free project. Everything I used for this project was leftover from other projects.

Oh and I will share more on this bathroom and all it’s retro awesomeness!



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