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The Painted Trunk

An Update to the Project of the Day

The Painted Trunk by Fat Bird

So I finally have an update to the project I started last week.  This week was insane the park has a big to do next week, of course I’ve been volunteered to help with it (part of being a park wife), also it was our wedding anniversary and my husband’s birthday. Insane I tell you!  So between all that and the regular life crazy I have been trying to finish the trunk project.  It turned into the project of the week instead of the day but isn’t that how it always goes.

Here is where I left you last week.


 Once I finished painting the entire trunk yellow it was time to pick a pattern for the  top. Then it hit me why do I have to pick just one why not do  the Moroccan and chevron with a monogram.  Brilliant solution for the indecisive… person do them all!

Ta da! The lettering is not my best hand lettering but I think it’s pretty good for the insane week I had.Painted Trunk

Here is how I did the top.

First I cut a stencil of the Moroccan pattern out of cardboard and traced it on the top with a pencil and then painted it in gray.


After that dried I created a monogram on the computer (I will have a printable of this for you next week). Then I eyeballed the center and taped it down then I used carbon paper to trace it in stages on the the top.

Painted Trunk Monogram

First I traced the outside frame and painted the white background I let that dry.

Second I traced the inside the frames and painted both frames gray.

More drying….

Painted Trunk

Next was the chevron pattern after I painted those yellow.

Again drying time…..

Last was the monogram.

Also at this point I decided the Moroccan pattern on the background needed something to finish it off so I added a white outline to the whole thing.

Once all the paint had dried (waiting on paint to dry is no fun) I flipped it over and added the legs using heavy duty top plates that I screwed into each corner.

Painted Trunk

Painted Trunk

After they were in place I just screwed the legs in and it was finished!


Painted Trunk

I painted the hardware and then rubbed it off to give it some texture.

Painted Trunk

A lamp and accessories and we are done!

Painted Trunk

Here is a teaser of another idea I had while working on the trunk.

I will have more on how to create this next week! Can you say free printable 🙂

DIY Door

I hope I’ve given you some inspiration for your weekend.

Happy Crafting!



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