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Last week my life was all about craft fairing, it which was exhausting. The fair was out of town so of course when I got home I had loads of things waiting on me (Thankful not house work my sweet husband had cleaned the house and done the all the laundry before I got home, Love him).  Now that I am finally catching up I have a started a new project because apparently I need another project.

 For ages I have wanted to use my old trunk as a table but I have never had a place to use it. My stepdaughter’s room is huge in the new house is huge and she wants it to be gray and yellow. The trunk will look adorable in there as a bedside table which is she needs in there. Woo hoo! Finally I have a reason to paint and add legs to the trunk. I even found the perfect yellow paint at Lowes in their tester colors it’s called Delightful Moon. Who comes up with paint color names? Delightful Moon so cheesy but a great color.

Here is the work in progress….


Sorry no before shots I got carried away and forgot to take one, see the stuff in the background it was in the trunk when I started painting. I was so ready to paint it I didn’t even empty before I started.

Delightful Moon!

imageThe soon to be legs, the husband has the drill in his truck, he needs to get home soon so I can attach these babies and give you guys the after photo.

I am thinking about adding a pattern to the top in gray maybe a chevron (not a hug fan of the chevron it’s way over done) or a Moroccan pattern… with her monogram maybe?

Hmmm…. I just can’t decide….

What do you think? I would love some advice here…..



3 thoughts on “Project of the Day”

  1. WHAT an awesome idea….she would love having her monogram on it. She is totally about the monogramming right now….and sorry to say the chevrons…but the Moroccan pattern would be awesome!

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