Adventures of Goldilocks, Designs For the Home

So Life Goes

So wow this summer really has been CRAZY to say the least! Since I posted last we have moved again, insane I know. My husband took a job running a different State Park in North Georgia. But here’s the even better part, now we live on a state park in the middle of the city. It’s the best of both worlds we have beautiful views AND access to pretty much anything we could want no more living 45 minutes away from everything! So woo hoo to good food, good shopping, and entertainment  but Boo to boxes and unpacking my computer has been in a box for 3 weeks now. Yuck moving!

How I've felt over the last few months

I am tired of thinking about boxes and moving so on another note I am excited to announce that Fat Bird Designs now offers fabric!

Here is a quick snap of my first collection called Home Sweet Home now available on


I will have more on this tomorrow but I am just so excited that I had to offer a sneak peek at things to come.

Ok I am off to unpack more box 😦 moving stinks!

Until tomorrow



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