Hip pity Hop pity Easter’s on it’s way!

 I’ve been away living… sorry! Life hasn’t been very inspiring lately. We’ve had awful weather the last few weeks and I haven’t wanted to take picture or do anything really. All this rain did force me to rearrange my workspace and pretty much every other room in the house. The last few days however I have been very inspired by Easter and I have bunny fever!

 I have dawn what I think is the cutest bunny of all times! My niece saw a picture on pinterest of a bunny in glasses and fell in love with it so I drew a sketch on it for her. He’s so cute I put him on a towel and next will be a t-shirt for my niece.

 Bunny with Glasses

From sketch to towel…

 I’ve always loved the stories and drawings by Beatrix Potter so I drew this Peter Rabbit towel for myself!

Peter Rabbit towel(I would love to sell these but I don’t own the copyrights to the Peter Rabbit images this towel is for use in my home, sorry)

Yep this guy is completely hand drawn and painted onto a tea towel.

The sketch for this towel was so large and I had to draw it on two pieces of paper to fit the whole body.

As a kid I always loved Potter’s books because the drawings were so beautiful, she is one of the many people out there that I draw my inspiration from. Maybe one day I will be able to illustrate a children’s story and inspire other young artist as they grow…it’s on my bucket list.

 Ok I’m off to draw more bunnies easter will be here before we know it!


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