Making Resolutions

Ok so this year I’ve decided to make actual new year resolutions. I always make up my mind to improve things in my life but they are usually very general and things never real resolutions. This year is different however I have 2 things I will do in 2013 and no neither of them have anything to do with diet or exercise.

My Resolutions are:

1. I will focus on producing and selling my artwork.

~This has been my life long dream… no really as a kid I would  set up a “Gallery” in my parents dinning room and charge $.10 for you to come see my drawings and paintings. Of course everything was for sale in my Gallery but the prices were steep I mean a Garfield portrait … the cat not the president…went for a whole $1.50 OUTRAGEOUS I know!

2. I will draw something everyday and share it here.

~Drawing is a muscle if you don’t use it you lose it. I have been very lazy with drawing lately and need to break this bad habit. So instead of journalling in the traditional sense  I am going to draw something everyday label it and post it here. Not everything will be ground breaking or amazing or the best I’ve ever done but I will draw SOMETHING that’s the goal. Now I know I will miss days…mostly weekends I’m sure but I am actually really excited to challenge myself this way.

Did I mention I’m starting today…Sketch book 2013 Drawing 1 “Birds of a Feather”



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