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Christmas in the Woods

Happy Weekend

I have to share some of the Christmas that has exploded at my house! I really got in to decorating this because last year we were moving at Christmas and I didn’t even have a tree…first time that had ever happened…I was not ok with it. I Love Christmas (in December not the Christmas in the store in August that’s wrong.. very wrong) So this year I’ve been decorating everything! I am particularly proud of our entryway. I used things I found in my decorations box and things I found around the house.

This sled belonged to my husband’s grandmother I decorated with some decorative Christmas tree picks, a few twirlies, and a jingle bell wreath.
I found this guy in my Christmas box, perfect for the coat hook
My baby tree I made from the cuttings off my tree.
(You have to ask the guys at the tree place or hardware store to give you them when they trim your tree.)
Then I added my favorite small candy cane striped ornaments, some twine as garland and finished it off with a red polka dot ribbon in my favorite stone ware pitcher.
Christmas Basket (after Christmas I just turn it around and it becomes a regular basket he he I cheat)

All together on my old trunk. It turned out super cute and cost me $0 I had all this stuff already! That’s a little taste of Christmas here at Fat Bird.

 Hope you have a great weekend~The Fat Birdy

Ps. I am re-blogging this from my shop blog so if you see it there that’s me too!


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