Designs For the Home

Master Bedroom Project

So we are finally getting settled into our new house… you know really figuring out how the space works for us. We had to down size drastically from our last house. This place has just enough room to be comfortable but no storage for extra things and no space for my artsiness. Lately I have been culling my furniture. I’ve sent most of my extras to my mom because she is always looking for new things to change-up her house and is on a fixed income. My first project at this house is going to be our master bedroom. In all of our houses (this one is #3 since we’ve been married) our bedroom has always been the last on my list of things to do because no one sees it but us. This time however I have decided that I am tired of living in an okay bedroom I want to enjoy going to in there every night, I want a retreat.

Some of my inspiration:

My Color Scheme

My walls are already painted the second from the left color and my bathroom is the middle color so I’m well on my way.

Source: via Mary on Pinterest

The Chair

Source: Uploaded by user via White Rabbit England on Pinterest

If my husband “has to” have a tv it will look like this and I love that style dresser.

Source: via Mary on Pinterest

Doors like these are perfect for our bathroom but maybe in a different color.

Source: via DIY Show Off on Pinterest

I want these over our bed side tables

Source: via Kristi on Pinterest

The lamps and bed skirt.

Source: via Keerstin on Pinterest

Dresser (I love vintage), artwork and window treatment.

Source: via Keerstin on Pinterest

 (Ps this one is from

 I love The Handmade Home she is so awesome! Go check her out)

Ok that’s my inspiration ….I’ve got my work cut out for me.

I have a tiny budget and will be DIYing most of it so this going to take a while.

You better stay tuned I see many projects to come! ~M


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