Adventures of Goldilocks

Christmas at the Park

My weekend was so busy we had breakfast with Santa, the parade and the opening reception for the Christmas Sale all on Saturday. _MG_4675

Yep I got to meet Santa!


Ho Ho Ho!

After sitting on Santa’s lap  it was on to the parade. Our budget for the float was small well actually it was $0 this is the first year the park has done a float. It was…fun… I will let you decide on the how we did on a design.


Bagby Fun Fest…The deer is the decoy deer Wildlife Management uses to catch people hunting out of season he has bullet holes and his head moves back and forth.


Randy Racoon his the coolest guy on the float.


Yep our float is the Parks broken down boat! Ha ha perfect for the theme of Fishing, and Hunting!


Hey we’re not all fluff, we are educational too!


This is all made possible by the friends of Bagby!   _MG_4732

Even the Truck got a festive touch…Bessy looks great!


We even had a flammingo…not sure why but I stopped asking why a long time ago.


Hey our float may not have been the most beautiful but it was made with love and we won 2nd place! We all had a great time!

 (Side note we had people on the float but they were kids of park employees and I don’t like to share photos of other people’s kids without permission)_MG_4752

I had to share this picture.

This place is called the House, it was the local hotel back in the day but was let go to near ruin after it closed. The owner is restoring the house now and apparently the window was broken, so they covered it with plywood. They painted a ghost on the wood and dress him to match the seasons. He makes me smile every time I drive by, I love people who can have fun with the little things in life!

Until tomorrow~M


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