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Crazy Busy

Happy Friday!

My shop is open with a small stock at the moment and I  am working on making more but I also agreed to do a christmas show locally. I am now crazy busy!!!!!

I have to set up my booth on Monday so I will be working my fingers to the bone all weekend getting things made for the Dale County Council of Arts and Humanities Artisan Show and Sale which opens on December 8th.

I am making tea towels of course and I’ve come up with these cute little flower ornaments. I am going to have a few paintings, my crates and trays for sale as well. I am super excited this will be my first real sale like this, I have wanted to do this for a long time.

Flower Ornaments

Flower ornaments.

Flower Ornaments

Flower ornaments with vintage bottle cap centers.

Bird Nest Card Holder

I also made up business cards and this adorable bird nest card holder.  My table is going to be all nature and birds that’s going to be my theme.

Alrighty I am off to work my fingers off! I hope you have a great weekend~ M


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