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TwoThanksgiving Dinners and a Kitchen Flood

Oh Thanksgiving was great but exhausting! As always I had 2 Thanksgiving Dinners but this year I actually had to make and host one of them!

 I spent Thanksgiving Day at the Farm with my family, it was small this year one of the sisters and her family couldn’t make it. They were very missed but we still had a great day together. My husband had to work Thursday so we had his family over at our house Friday night…that’s right I stay home black friday, no long lines or throwing elbows for me. My husband and his brother decided to fry the turkey…..My sister in law and I were slightly unsure of this plan so we had back up ham just in case.

We were wrong to worry the turkey turned out delicious.

In case you were wondering ..yes the woods are still here and  no forest fires were started.

They were so proud of their bird…I’ve decided only a man could come up with a way to cook Thanksgiving dinner in the drive way.

My sister in law, Eve brought so much food I almost ran out of serving dishes! It was a wonderful night, the food was great!

I eat way too much!

After our lovely meal we did all the dishes and put them into my shiny new dishwasher YAY….Then after an  Halo 4  Xbox marathon weekend and several more loads of dishes I discovered water under our new floor UNYAY! So now my kitchen is pulled apart and we have a big drying fan in the kitchen. We discovered that the drain hose used on the old dishwasher had a dry rot crack down the side and every time my new, amazingly wonderful dishwasher drained water was leaking  under the dishwasher and out under our laminate floor….. 😦

It should be fixed today…..I hope.

I still love this dishwasher, it plays a little song when the dishes are done, I never knew I could get so excited over a kitchen appliance I guess that means I’m old.

But all in all it was a wonderful Turkey Day now time to plan for Christmas.


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