Adventures of Goldilocks

Weekend Adventures Part 2

Now for the rest of my weekend adventures….

After Christmas at the Fort on Saturday, my sister and I decided to head over to Sasser, Ga. Which I thought was only oh 30  maybe 40 minutes away…..1 hour, 10 minute drive through absolutely nothing later…Sorry Paula it seemed closer when I went before. The entire downtown has been turned into little antique shops. It’s adorable!

This is on the corner of main street,  just fantastic I want it in my backyard!

 My favorite shop is Alice and Jay

(I bought the desk I am sitting at right now, at Alice and Jay on my first visit to Sasser).

I love any store that uses words like Splendiferous!

A Georgia Snowman!

A little on the blurry side but I had to include the Christmas tree made of old rakes with faucet head ornaments!

I need this one that is the moto of my life!

Just Splendiferous!

Now this next store we went to we were having such fun that I didn’t get the name of it. It was by far the best antique store I’ve ever been in, the displays were great.

If you are looking for a place to take pictures this is it they had all kinds of interesting things here.

Here are just a FEW..


If it’s old they have it.

Tiny little match tin he’s so cute.

Old tools yep they’ve got them.

Need a rolling-pin don’t worry they have you covered.

Buttons yep those too.

I love old jars filled with buttons and marbles!

Jugs o plenty

Spools and twine

and loads of old signs too.

 Sewing supplies of all kinds.

This jug came home with me as an early birthday present from my sister, the blue matches my kitchen perfectly!

We had a great time in Sasser, GA I can’t wait to go back. If you are in the area you should stop by this sweet little town.

Sorry for the blurry pictures apparently I’ve been shaky this week I need to cut back on the coffee. Ha ha yea that’s never going to happen.


Tomorrow come back for an update on my online shop!


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