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Weekend Adventures

What a busy, fun weekend!

I spent Saturday hanging with my sister. We went to Christmas At the Fort and to the little town of Sasser Ga. I took way too many pictures so I have to break them into two post.

So for today it is Christmas At The Fort in Fort Gaines, GA.

There were loads of people and venders of all kinds!

The history of the bridge at Fort Gaines

Artisan that makes all kinds of repurposed metal objects.

I want all of his light fixtures, sooo neat!

Don’t you want them all?

Another vender’s garden stakes….

and bird houses.

Cane Syrup it’s a southern thing…super sweet and tasty!

They were making it right there it smelled amazing!!!

 old school scary sugar cane press

It was nice and warm under this building and just made you want some warm biscuits to go under all that syrup!

CORNDOG MAN! (if you are from the area you understand, you must have a corndog from the corndog man!)

Local Prize winning honey from Horton Farms.

They had the most beautiful products.

Their soap smelled wonderful.

Just Lovely!

Another vender had handmade baskets so beautiful!

The Women’s Club House

Christmas at the Fort had  food, music, arts and crafts of all kinds! It’s great family friendly fun!

It was a chilly day out so of course they broke out the “A Georgia Patio Heater” safe and classy what more could you ask for? Ha ha Love it!

Riding in style!

I leave you with a view down the river it was a beautiful fall day, we had a wonderful time! It was great to enjoy some good old-fashioned hometown fun I think next year I will be set up a booth. I better get to work now there were tons of people who came out.

I can’t wait until next year! If you are in the southeast on the weekend before Thanksgiving next year stop by Fort Gaines, Ga. and check it out.

Coming tomorrow our adventures in Sasser Georgia~M


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