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Yucky Days and Setting Up Shop

Bluuuck it has been cold and dreary out the last few days. It is so uninspiring I just want to stay inside and read which makes for very boring blog posts. The sun is peeking out today I have hope for a sunny cool weekend and exciting new post for next week!

So the last few days I have been working on setting up Shop on Big Cartel. I have been selling my creations here and there for years but I have never had one place to sell from regularly. I’ve always wanted to have my own shop…I can’t afford the bricks and mortar store that I’ve always dreamed of but I can however set up shop online. Maybe one day my shop will grow to be large enough to have a store in the real world, a girl can dream, build a killer business plan, and work really hard to try to make it happen. For now I am off to work on shop policies, banners, and all that wonderful stuff.

So for now I leave you with this Lovely image of the view from here in my neck of the woods!

 I have busy weekend ahead filled with Thanksgiving planning, 11-year-old Birthday party planning, and heading out to Christmas at the Fort the local arts and craft fest (I am scoping it out to see if I want to sell at it next year).  More interesting post to come!!

Have a great weekend!-M


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