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Just Another Day on the Farm

Brrrr it’s cold outside today, which means I must drink more coffee to stay warm YAY!  I have to get used to living with seasons again, not that I am complaining it’s great to wear sleeves and BOOTS.

I love it here in Georgia it’s a wonderful place to live. One of good thing is I am now with in driving distance of my family’s farm which means more fun days out at the old homestead. I spent all day Saturday out there for the Farm Open House. I had a great time with my sisters, friends, and Mom…Dad too but he spent most of his time playing on the tractor I mean really the sun was up that means it’s time to work.  We had all kinds of things for sale my sister(btw I have 4 older sisters so it can sometimes get confusing keeping them straight) Paula does the baking, my other sister Sue makes jewelry, and we had  a friend there that makes custom children’s clothing. Plus I had all my craftiness there, so we had boat loads of cuteness.


And jewelry by Weave it or Knot!

It was just another great day on the farm.

Until next time- M


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