Designs For the Home, From the Studio in the Woods

Logo Designs

What a great weekend! I spent my weekend designing this marketing set for the owner of the jewelry shop Weave it or Knot and her Etsy store WhimzieQ Weaves .

  All of her jewelry is beaded and woven by hand. She specializes in custom orders. My favorite is the sunflower cuff …hint hint 😉 …you see in the Facebook and etsy cover. It was loads of fun making this set for her and she loved the design go by her pages and check them out in action!

That was Saturday, on Sunday I built a fire pit in our back yard. We had this really ugly ring of cinder blocks that was here when we moved, it was just nasty and had to go.

 I used some rocks that I found in the trees you see in the background there to make the ring I think it turned out very nice.

 We enjoyed some roasted dogs for dinner that night 🙂

I have great plans for this back yard like adding a ring of paving stones around the base of the fire pit, many new flower beds and a herb garden. Hmm… I’ve got my work cut out for me.

Until next time-M


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