Adventures of Goldilocks

We’re BACK! YAY!!!!

Hello out there….. I’ve missed you all!

 I am sorry I was away for so long but life went completely insane for a while.

 In my last post I told you that life had happened and we were on the move. So here is a run down of the last few months.

Escaping Florida: In August my husband and I decided he needed to resign from his Camp Director job. We did this with no job and no home to go to. We trusted that God would provide us with a place to live and a new job (gulp faith is hard….very hard).

Two weeks later after accepting his resignation he was asked to leave as soon as possible the organization did not want him to work out his notice. Big HUGE GULP! We frantically begin to look for work and decide it is time to move back home to Alabama. I found a posting for a Georgia State Parks Site Manager position with in 30 minutes of my husband’s hometown but the job app was due that day at midnight. I was in Alabama looking for house and he was at a function for the kids….AHHHHHH. He got the email in just before midnight.  We applied for all the jobs we could find good and bad ones. So I returned home and with the help of family and friends we packed everything we own into several trailers (one large one loaned to us by my husbands best friend). We have some amazing friends that actually drove all the way to Alabama with us. They were truly a God Send! THANK YOU CASH FAMILY!!! We hit the road with no place to live, no job only the faith God would provide for us….

Coming Home: Just before we left Florida my husband got an interview for 2 jobs: the State Park (we had no idea what this job paid) and a 4-H agent position(he didn’t want to be a 4-H agent but was qualified for it). So we stayed at my parents farm for a few weeks applied for jobs and looked for a home with no real luck. My husband had his 2 interviews he felt both go well but didn’t know if he got either yet. Again we tried to be strong and just have faith but waiting is hard…..

4 days after returning to Alabama my mother in law, who helped us move, was diagnosed with non hodgkin’s lymphoma. She had only felt tired and had a slight pain in her abdomen. My husband was devastated but glad to be here for her during this hard time.

After a few weeks of living at my parents’ house with no A.C. in August… in the South… with only a full size bed… my husband couldn’t take anymore and decided to stay out at his families’ “cabin” aka trailer.

MARY DOESN’T LIKE SNAKES: In order to stay at the trailer, I mean the cabin, we had to clean it up. On the first day of cleaning we discover a nice little present in the middle of the livingroom floor, a 6ft snake-skin.  OH and another snake-skin in the corner of the kitchen. MARY DOESN’T LIKE SNAKES!!!!!!!!!! After about a week of cleaning and much convincing that the snakes are gone I agree to stay in the trailer, cabin. Side note  in the trailer, cabin we also found a bag of home-made gun powder…under the bed, we didn’t ask. The morning after we move in, I was really down in the dumps about the whole situation, we got a phone call from the State Park. They asked my husband if he is still interested in the job and told  him has made it to the next step in the process and we would hear back in a few weeks! Yay but still more waiting… A few days later while on my way to take a shower I found an uninvited guest in the livingroom! Yep a long icky snake is laying right there in the middle of the floor staring at me!!! I screamed/ran (it was an all one action) into the bedroom, jumped on top of the bed only to realize I was there alone and my phone was in the room with the snake. So I gathered myself as much as possible and crept back into the room garbed my phone, ran back into the room and called my husband. He flew home breaking every speed limit on the way but the snake was nowhere to be found. He secured the room where we think the snake got in and could have still hiding. After more convincing from my husband and I stayed with him in the trailer, cabin, snake pit.

God is Good no God is AMAZING: About a week after the snake in the livingroom we got another call back from Georgia State Parks my husband got the job!  God is Good! Oh the job has provided housing, GOD is AMAZING! In one fail swoop God provided all of our needs. We now have income and a place to live. My husband’s mother is only 30 minutes away, so going to help is super easy. Bonus we got to leave the trailer, cabin, snake pit!!!!

All silliness aside this has been an amazingly hard lesson to live through but God promises His children he will provide for ALL our needs the only thing we have to do is have faith. Faith is very hard to live by because giving over control is not easy to do but God always keeps his promises, we are living proof of that.

Now I have a new home and adventures to share with all of you, I can’t wait to get started!


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