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4th of July Highlights!

I hope everyone had a fun safe 4th of July!

We had a crazy fun week here. There was a trip to Saint Augustine, ninja cookies, a flour fight, an attempt to see fireworks and day at the beach. Here are the highlights:

Shop in Saint Augustine that had a great sign and the funnest open sign I’ve ever seen! “Sometimes we do not make it” at least they are honest ha ha.

Ninja Cookies……dangerous but delicious!

Not sure where zombie fits in but I’ve learned not to ask too many questions.

Ninja Cookies they were a good idea at the time but when you combine them with two bored teenage girls this is what you get!

 I’m still finding flour places!

I found the picture of the “Well behaved women” quote on my camera after we cleaned up the flour mess I thought it was an appropriate description of the day.

We were all so tired after the cookie adventure that we were late for the July 4th festivities and had to park miles from the fireworks. Oh well better luck next year!

Ahhh a day at the beach!

My view it was a beautiful day! (you can’t see them but the girls are two tiny dots way out on the horizon)

Yes I know those are the palest legs you’ve every seen. And yes, I applied SPF 50 aka “sweater in a bottle” to my very white skin. The day ended with only had a few small sunburn spots where I missed, I count that as a successful day at the beach.

A great day to be a little boy!

1st fish ever caught in the ocean, I think it made his summer. (This fish now lives in my freezer.)

The days catch, one each it may not feed the family but Father and son had a great time catching them so that’s all that matters.

The week then ended with a Syfy channel super critter, bad movie marathon.

images via google images

Well those are the highlights of our 4th of July holiday, just looking at the pictures makes me tired! I think I need a nap.

Until next time-M


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