From the Studio in the Woods

Hand Painted Tea Towels

Yay for sunny skies again goodbye Debby. Thankfully we didn’t have any flooding here like other parts of the state did from the storm!

Last week I mentioned I’ve been painting tea towels and today I thought I snap a few quick pictures and share them with you. It’s been so much fun I really do enjoy the challenge of painting on fabric because there isn’t room for errors you have to be very exact with where you want the paint.  So here are the end results

I hand draw and then paint each large flour sack towel, so no two are exactly the same. Some are bright white others I have Tea Dyed to a soft linen. I know my Mom is looking at these pictures rolling her eyes and saying “Mary Catherine use an IRON!” I know Mom I have already ironed them twice before painting them but they will get another go under the iron after I finish this post!)

I am taking these up to the Route 52 Farm Trail this weekend so come on out and see them in person…. wrinkle free of course!

I’m off to iron and pack. Tomorrows post will on location from Waterberry Farm!

Until then have a great day!!!! M


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