Finding My Happy Place

Hello my lovelies. It’s Friday already where does the time go?

Life seems to be going at lightening speed this days. This crazy whirl wind that is life lately has me thinking, if I’m only going to live once, I might at well enjoy what I do everyday. Ok maybe…. just maybe…. I am re-evaluating my life because this is my last year to be in my twenties…gulp yep this November I will turn the Big 30. For some reason, in my head that’s when you become a real life grown up. Ok in reality I’ve lived on my own for a while now, I’ve held big kid jobs, paid bills, bought cars, and shopped for the best insurance so I’m already a grown up but soon it will be official. There won’t be any blaming my age for bad decisions… nope starting in November I’m officially, undeniably an adult!

 So with adulthood looming on the horizon, I’ve been think a lot lately about what I want to be when I grow up. Until, now I’ve done many things I’ve been; a really bad waitress, I’ve been a teacher, a muralist, an assistant….. I’ve had loads of jobs in the past ten years those are the ones I remember off the top of my head. Some jobs I’ve really enjoyed othersI’ve really hated (anything food related) . Now the question is where is my happy place?? What makes me truly happy at the end of the day?

The answer I keep coming back to is PAINT, yep you heard me paint. When I think of what I truly love to do in life it always comes back to paint. Painting what? you may ask. The answer is simply ANYTHING, EVERYTHING. See examples below:

Painting a sign
Painting a rug
Painting fabric bunting

 Walls, furniture, canvases, fabric, pretty much anything that sits still.  I just love to entire process of painting. This hit me last night as sat painting tea towels (pics to come later). I realized that I had been at it for 12 hours and my hands were so tired they were cramping but I didn’t want to stop.  Thinking back  my to some the happiest times in my life most of them involve me having a paint brush in my hand. I remember countless hours as a kid spent sitting on the floor with a set of Crayola Watercolors and paper grocery bag as my canvas or the times spent as teenager painting a mural in my bedroom (I had very understanding parents).

My painty pants

So I am going to stop fighting it and just go with it. I am going to spend my days getting my hands all painty cause when I grow I want to be a painter, crafter, artist, creator of wonderful happy things!

I hope you have found your happy place and I would love to hear about it!

Please share  in my comments section what truly makes you happy.


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