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Movie Night!

Camp is in full swing and things have been a bit hectic the last few weeks around here so to help everyone relax we decided that on the weekends we would have a good old fashion movie night for the staff. We are holding at our house so they can at least pretend they aren’t at camp for a few hours. The first one is Sunday night and the movie is Sherlock Holmes A Game of Shadows. Today I wanted to share few things I’ve put together to really make the night fun! I will share photos of the actual night next week. Adorable popcorn bags I found out Sam’s Club of all places! I was going to print my own but then I found these 500 for only $5  I couldn’t beat that price.

The movie poster I made!

Soda’s in glass bottles give it a retro touch.

We are planning on hanging our “movie screen” aka a sheet from this wonderful tree in our front yard that is leaning over kind of like this.

Via pinterest

 In my head this is what it will look like! I better get to work on that because as of now all I have is are the candles in this picture well the candle holders anyway.


1 thought on “Movie Night!”

  1. I momentarily thought that was a pic of your movie night and was jealous that I was not there, then remembered seeing on pintrest and felt better. I’m sur your will be just as fabulous! Maybe a neighborhood movie night would be fun

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