From the Studio in the Woods

The Masterpieces are Complete

Yay the two giant panels I had to paint last week are finished! They are not masterpieces exactly they will never hang in a museum but I think they turned out pretty cute. These panels are for the Chuck Wagon(aka the dinning hall) at my husband’s summer camp, they are used to close off the kitchen from the dinning area. Since summer is upon us they needed them done quick fast in a hurry.

The Big ONE!

The small one…sort of if you consider 6 ft small.

So glad to have these finished, they were a lot of work but so much fun!

Side note: My husband come home sick from work last night. It’s staff training at the camp so they’ve been going none stop for days now and it’s caught up with him. So I will spend the rest of my day tending to him and try to avoid getting sick myself!

I hope you have a great Monday 🙂



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