From the Studio in the Woods

So Much Paint So Little Time!!!!!!

I’m just stopping by for quick post I’m elbow deep in paint today (I’m not complaining, I’m usually at my happiest covered in paint.) I have two large panels to finish by next Tuesday!!! They are for my husband’s summer camp and need to be done before camp starts.

 This is the larger of the two panels, 10ft and it has a prayer on it.

“Oh.. the Lord’s been good to me and so I thank the Lord for giving me the things I need the sun, the rain and the apple seed. The Lord’s been good to me! AmenClose up shot, ALMOST FINISHED Woo hoo!

I haven’t started on the second panel yet it’s 6ft and will have the summer camp logo on it.( Gulppp………I need to get busy on that…..)

With that I’m off to clean the paint of the keyboard and get back to painting! A crafters work is never done!!!!

I will post the finished products as soon as I get them done.


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