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Put Down the Paint Brush and Step Away

Oh No, my artsy fartsiness has struck again!

Monday, on my way to the grocery store, I stopped by my favorite little furniture thrift shop, Thrifty Nikki’s. It’s a great shop full of wonderful finds for the home, some old and some new. Needless to say I came home with a whole lot more than just groceries that day. One of the treasures I picked up was this great little bar stool $15 but it needed some love. It was just plain white with some worn off spots aka “distressing” and had a black vinyl seat.

  The inspiration for the color palate were the mason jars from my kitchen.

Gray from the lids, a soft  blue from the glass and then a touch of red to make it all pop.

The first step was to remove the seat and paint the frame gray. I mixed the color myself so lets call it…

Industrial Pewter …yea that sounds like it should be on a paint chip.

Next I taped off two lines on the back of the chair, one line thick and one thin. Then CAREFULLY spray paint them Jade.

Tip: When using painters tape to create a smooth edge allow the paint to dry only slightly and then remove the tape at an angle. Never allow the paint to dry completely with the tape still on because when you remove the tape the dry paint will peel back with the tape. (Sorry no pictures of this next part I got caught up in the project)

After removing the tape and allowing the paint to dry completely then it was time re-type and add a very thin line by painting it on with red acrylic paint. While this paint dried I made a stencil of the number 3 and traced the online in black acrylic paint.  

With the frame all painted it was time to move onto the seat cover. I started by covering the black vinyl in felt to help keep the final layer of cotton from slipping. (Green was the only color I had enough of to cover the whole cushion) I just tacked the felt down and then covered in an unbleached osnaburg cotton. Once the cotton and felt were stapled completely down the next step was to paint the seat cushion.

You heard me paint the cushion. That meant more painters tape, this time just two strips and black textile ink applied with a brush.LOVE this stuff!

It works best to brush the ink on slowly and carefully making sure not to over load the brush with ink.Lastly  I removed the tape, allowed the ink to dry completely and heat set it according to the directions on the bottle.

 Ta da now I have an awesome new/old bar stool!

Oh this chair just makes me smile!

(If you are wondering why the number 3??? I have 3 bar stools and I’m going to number them 1-3. I started with this one but it will be at the end of the bar making it number 3.)

 Have a great day -M

P.S. Sorry this post is so late in the day. I wrote it early this morning and had to step away for a bit so I saved it as a draft. When I came back to publish it, I opened the draft the whole post was blank 😦  I almost cried! So here is to try number two. I hope you enjoy it!!!


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