Adventures of Goldilocks, Randomness

Mary had a Little Lamb…

Yay no more gremlins, it’s good to be back!!!!

So you may wonder what I’ve been up to the last few days. The internet has been out for 3 whole days…yes I said 3 , it’s been torture! Thankfully, I did have my phone but blogging, facebooking, and pinteresting just aren’t the same on the small screen.

Yesterday my husband comes home and says “Grab your camera and come with me, NOW!”  I ask “OK?!?… Why?” He responds “You just have to see.” I was just a bit skeptical but I went with him to his office and this is what I see..Yep SHEEP!?! I guess they heard I lived here and wanted to follow me home.I wanted to keep them but my husband didn’t think the dogs would enjoy sharing the backyard with sheep.   After grazing for about an hour they trotted back home.

Every day is an adventure you never know the crazy, wonderful things that will just wander into your day.

Have a Happy Weekend!!!


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