Designs For the Home

Sneak Peek

The DIY Rampage continues! My weekend was one project after the next, I was so busy with projects that I didn’t even have time to post anything yesterday. The biggest project this weekend, turning a nasty old bathroom vanity cabinet into a kitchen island. My husband thought the idea was a little crazy at first but once we got into it he saw my vision. It’s turning out to be amazing!!!!! I am still working on the paint but here is a little preview.


Here it is before (we had already taken the counter top off at this point.) It was an old beat up cabinet, that my husband picked up at the Habitat for Humanity thrift store six years ago. Also since moving into the new house our dog, Tilly, had claimed this cabinet as her bed. Well we can’t blame her we did leave her old bed (aka: our backyard table) at the old house. She is very…….. hmmm how to explain Tilly….let’s say ….. eccentric… yes…. she is a very eccentric dog that prefers to sleep up high. Since the theft of her bed she has taken to sleeping on top of the dog food tub, she feels very unloved at the moment. But not worry, she has a custom-built dog bed coming her way soon!

Ok back to business, here is where we are this morning…..


 After some clean up and covering it with some scrap bead board we had left over from the house renovations it looks like a whole new cabinet.  I have a lot of work to do but I hope to finish the painting today and the staining tomorrow…. I hope.

With that I’m off to get my hands all painty!


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