Designs For the Home

Look Out I’m on a Roll!

On Wednesday I decided to make a curtain for my laundry room, simple enough right? Well, the curtain turned out adorable but this one simple project spun into two days of ripping out the and repainting everything in the laundry room. (I will post pictures as soon as it’s finished!).  While waiting for the paint to dry in that room, with my craftiness out of control, I decided it was time to tackle the rug in my kitchen that I didn’t really like.

I wanted a black trimmed rug but I got this one with the tan trim on sale at Ikea, it looked OK in the kitchen.

 It shows every speck of dirt & is just blah, it needs more pop!

First add a little painters tape….

Next add a little black paint and….

 Tad da now it’s perfect!

I think it was 30 minutes and a few dollars in paint well spent!

My husband walked in from work to find the laundry room sink in the front yard and me on the floor paint brush in hand half way finished with the first side of the rug. He just laughed and said “I’m not even going to ask.”


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