Designs For the Home


Hello Wednesday! So from now on Wednesday will be the day I share some tips for around the house. For my first tip I thought I would share my DIY  liners for the bins in the refrigerator. Everyone hates those icky drips the milk jug leaves and those sticky spots the jelly jar leave behind on the bottom of the bins in the fridge door. Cleaning them can be a pain in the neck because you have to remove the whole thing and wash it out. You can buy liners online to fit your fridge but they are rather pricey. After getting fed up with those icky spots I decided to make my own. I was shocked at how easy and cheap it was to make. I made my liners in 10 mins for about $5 with supplies left over to use on another project!


1 roll non-adhesive Easy Shelf Liner (in whatever color strikes your fancy)

Sharpie Marker


Happy housekeeping! 🙂 M


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