Turkeys, Birthdays, Bad Guys, and Moving

So how did your Turkey Day go?

 Mine went great we had a wonderful time with our family and friends. Here was our holiday time line: 

 Wednesday before Thanksgiving leave for to go to the parents house

Thursday: Turkey Day, eat way too much

Friday: Hide from Black Friday prep for Birthday party on Saturday

Saturday: Birthday party for the 10 yr old, Blow up the world

Sunday: Come home

Monday: MY Birthday

We followed thanksgiving up with a Top Shot themed birthday party for my 10-year-old step son, SA. It was a blast, his present was a Daisy BB gun (I think that’s a right of passage at 10 years old in the south).  If you’re wondering, no he didn’t shoot his eye out. We had all kinds of guns apparently my husband’s family has a bit of an arsenal. We had a 9mm handgun (my favorite of the day), several 22’s, and 12 & 20 gauge shot guns for skeet shooting. I set up a shooting range with all kinds of targets we even had a directional flag for judging wind speed and directions. SA had so much fun we had to finally take the ammo away so he would go home at which point he hugged his BB gun all the way to the truck.

We headed home the Sunday after Thanksgiving, the next day is my Birthday. We won’t talk about that, my husband flubbed it big time so lets just say BIG FIGHT and very bad day. After much groveling and sorries we moved on with our week.

Oh I forgot to update you on the CHANGES in our life! My husband took a new job and we are MOVING!! We are very excited. So we began work on our new house after the holiday and have been super busy ever since.

Well when we returned home from Turkey day I noticed a few things out of place nothing major just a nik nak not in its home. I didn’t think much of it. Well I get a phone call from my Mom the Thursday after Thanksgiving and she tells me my sister house had been broken into, they kicked in the door and took tvs, credit cards and such. TERRIBLE I think! That night when we head home I remember that miss placed nik nak and think hmmm that was really weird. I think  “I wonder if someone was in our house while we were gone. Unlikely the doors were locked but I will humor these crazy suspicions and check my jewelry box.”  BAM! Both of my nice rings which sit in the middle of my box are gone. OH NO! I check my husband’s jewelry and BAM!  The cross necklace(from his jewelry years in the 80s), that his mom gave him for graduation is gone. I find my step daughters jewelry box open it didn’t have anything in it so I close it and put it back on the self. There is no sign anyone broke in and the doors were all locked.  We did however find a window unlocked but that’s it. At this point I kind of think I’m just being crazy and these things are just lost and no one has been in our house. I mean these things aren’t worth much. That is until last night….

Now let me fast forward to yesterday (2 weeks from turkey day) my husband goes to work in the morning, I work around the house until lunch then head over to our new house to finish some painting. My husband meets me there and we work until about 5:30pm. We come home and I go to change when BAM! I see that same blooming nik nak sitting on the floor!!!!! I run to my jewelry box and find my engagement ring is gone. I had left it home because I didn’t want to get paint on it. We begin to look around and see drawers are opened and a lamp has been knocked down. My step daughters christmas presents have been opened but only hers and just the small ones. I find her jewelry box open again and the tray pulled out.  We’ve been ROBBED!!!!!  At this point we call the police and we give a statement, file a report, and they take finger prints.   We don’t have much hope of finding my jewelry but you never know.  It’s strange we have more expensive things then what they took but none of them were touched they only took small things and tried to clean up after themself by putting the presents back in the paper in the pile. I think we’ve been visited by Goldilocks either that or it’s the 3 bears getting revenge.

It has been an interesting few weeks I’m not really sure what to make of it I hope Christmas will be better. I keep you posted on our banditti.


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