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Finding Fall

When you live in a state that has one season, HOT, you must find the seasons where you can. So I spent all day yesterday finding fall. The budget around our house is quite tight at the moment because this is the birthday-a-versary month. Oh I forgot to mention,  this weekend was our 1 year anniversary Woo hoo!  Well my plan was to bring fall to our little house in the woods using only things I had on hand. Of course that meant hitting the internet, Pinterest in particular for inspiration.  Lucky for me I have a very well stocked studio and my husband a very well stocked shop which comes in very handy. I tease him that I only married him for his tools!   I finished all 3 projects below in one day and the total cost for all of them was exactly $0.

 Fall word blocks painted on cuts of wood left over from various other projects.  Inspiration for this project came from Today’s Fabulous Finds.  Supplies for this project were:  left over craft paint,  scrapbook paper, baling wire (borrowed from the husband), pliers, sand paper in various grits (also borrowed), pruning sheers,  raffia, sticks from the woods, acorns from my yard, industrial contact adhesive, scissors and exacto knife. 

Printable in an old frame I spray painted to update it. Printable came from simply Sweet Home.  I simply wrapped burlap around my candle holders to give them a more fall feel.

These projects have brought fall to my home, I hope they bring a little fall to your day!


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