From the Studio in the Woods

Say Cheese!

So I’ve been MIA for a few weeks or so but I’ve had good reason I’ve been SUPER busy! Busy with what you may ask.  Well lets see a husband, a house, a million projects and well just LIFE. If I were a good blogger I would make time each day to tell you about all these things as they happen but well I’m just not that disciplined… yet.  I promise to give updates very soon on my closet (which is done thank goodness) and my notebook project (which is almost done…I hope) but for now I’m here to show you my latest project.

 The husband was asked by some coworkers to build one of those fun photo things that you put your face through a hole in a drawing of some silly looking person and someone takes your picture. I’m not sure what its actual name is but I’ll call it a face cutout picture backdrop thingy. So I was recruited to do the artwork funny how his project turns into my project you’ve got to love marriage.  The project sounds simple a board with a stand no big deal right? Of course there was a catch…. it needs to be portable because they will be using it at a conference Omaha at the end of the month.  oh and he was give a very small budget. We had to figure out what we could paint on that was light weight and sturdy enough to handle the trip. After some  passionate discussion (nice way to say arguing) and a trip to the fabric store the husband and I discovered a fabric that is plastic backed. This fabric won’t fray around the cutouts, the paint won’t bleed through the back, and bonus it was $6.99 a yard. Perfect!  For the frame we used small pvc piping, which doesn’t flex too much and  screws together.  It is lite weight and breaks completely down,  just what you want for a long road trip.  Here a few pictures of this project as it took over our house.

The dinning room table was paint central.

The livingroom was framing.

I think the final product makes it worth the annoyance of not having a table or livingroom for a few days.  The requirements for the art work: beach scene, a guy & girl who were in shape & fully dressed in a lime green shirt & teal shirt and include their logo somewhere .  

Wow the husband makes a really ugly girl! This was a silly fun project I can’t wait to do another one of these someday 🙂


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