Cold Pills and Pretty Dresses

Cough Cough sneeze……… Yay a cold!  My weekend was spent caring for my husband, who reverts to a 4-year-old when he doesn’t feel well.  Thankfully he is well(ish) now.  So of course now I’m the one that feels like I’ve been hit by a bus. He’s sweet, he brings me medicine and doesn’t comment on the fact that my hair looks like it might have small children living in it.  He just leaves me to veg on the couch and watch girly tv all day. So yesterday was Sex and the City reruns day.  I’ve never really cared for Sarah Jessica Parker’s style on the show but I can’t say that about these dresses she wore in the final episode An American Girl in Paris part deux….


I watched this episode twice just so I could see them again.  Ahhhhh I’m in love, excuse me while I run away to Paris ….

Cough cough oh yes back to reality. I’m actually off to evict the small children that are living in my hair but a girl can dream!  Have a beautiful day!


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