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The House in the Woods

Closet Makeover Pt 1


So as I mentioned before  my husband is the director of a summer camp in the National Forest (the whole reason I’m in the woods).  His official title is Resident Director, meaning we have to live on site, which is  good when it comes to our cost of living but bad because we don’t get to pick our home.  So we are trying to bring our style to the house we are given.

  Our house is a log cabin style home (not my first pick I’m more into cottage style) and was built during the early 1980s.  The house is in pretty good condition but after many years and many tenants it needs a little TLC.  The husband has live here for 5 years and, as is true for most bachelors, it was a man cave not a home.  But, now that it’s not just him living here we are trying to make it more homey and less man cave-ish.

  One of  thing that has driven me crazy from day one is the closet space, or lack there of, in the whole house.  There are no hallway or bathroom closets in the entire house. Our bedroom closet or as I like to call it the gaping pit of dispar, is the worst.  The closet is big but the layout is awful and most of the space is wasted.  A few years and several directors back the master bedroom was expanded and a closet added  BUT  original tiny closet was left in place, creating a crazy closet nook with lots of space but no real way to store things in the space. Also the closet doesn’t have a door, so the first thing you see when you open our bedroom door is the closet with all its contents spilling  out into the room.  Putting laundry away is a real joy…

Last weekend the husband decided to stop my whining and fix the closet. Our plan is to divide the big closet into two closets (both with doors) a small linen closet that opens into the hallway and a medium-sized closed that opens into the bedroom.

So let the demolition begin!


Oh look what we found behind the lovely panelling, a doorway!


What else could be behind that panelling? Yay that would be perfectly good sheet rock!

 Let the rebuilding begin!

That was part 1 of the closet makeover I will keep you posted on our progress!

I would love to hear your suggestions for layout, design and organization for this project!


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