Adventures of Goldilocks

Becoming Goldilocks!


Hello blog world!

  For my first post I thought I would tell you a little about myself and how I went from city girl to Goldilocks (sans the golden locks).

   My name is Mary, I’m an artist who likes the simple, beautiful, silly things in life.  Up until a year ago I was living every single girl’s dream life.  I had an amazing job at an art museum rubbing elbows with artists and anyone who was anyone in Dothan, Alabama.  After a long day at work I could walk out the back door of my great apartment and there were all my friends, sitting out under the stars with a glass of wine, playing live music (no joke that was an average Tuesday). It was the perfect bohemian life. So how did I end up living in the middle of the  woods…. with bears?

 A BOY!  Stupid Boys they always manage to come along and mess things up!

And love of course.

    Ok my guy isn’t exactly a boy, he’s 12 years my senior and he is the director of a summer camp. After stealing my heart  he stole me away from my free-spirited life and now we live in the middle of the National Forest.  I’ve traded my 3″ heels for tennis shoes and my cocktail dresses for t-shirts (I still only where t-shirts when I absolutely have to yuck I’m just NOT a t-shirt kinda girl). Instead of galas, outdoor concerts, and art openings life now consists of  camp staff, campers, kayaks and bears!

 So here I am Goldilocks writing this blog to chronicle my exploits in art, in home making, in marriage….in life.

 I hope I can bring a little  beauty, some good ideas, a few laughs and a whole lot of joy into your day.


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